I’m Jonah Probell.

You can reach me at (first name)@probell.com


My resume is available on LinkedIn.

I am a professional investor in the genetic engineering revolution.

I began my career long ago as a chip designer. Eventually I found my way to managing the patent portfolio for an AI software company. I love startup companies. I have worked for 7. Two went public. I did not get extremely, but it was enough to begin as an angel investor.

I did some reading and thinking about technology. I have lived through four distinct waves of technology that created startups that changed the world.

Most knowledgeable thinkers about technology revolutions agree that the next technology revolution will be in the engineering of living things. That includes, people, plants, and microbes. Such engineering applies the science of genomics to create what is referred to as synthetic biology or synbio. It is useful for things such as these.

There are thousands of startup companies applying genomics and synbio to create these great things. However, not enough people invest in venture capital to provide the funding that the startup companies need to succeed. 

My objective is to ensure that mine, and my partners', money is invested in the ones with the greatest chance of creating the greatest benefits for people. I am proud to work hard, often 70 hours per week, to find and recognize the best genomics and synbio startups.


I seek to broaden my horizons. I often learn everything that I can about something new. Wikipedia is my favorite web site. I enjoy writing and teaching because that's the best way to learn.

I love that I have diverse friends and acquaintances. I view strangers as friends that I have yet to meet. I enjoy helping others. I will take either side for the sake of a good debate.

I enjoy cycling and tend a fine garden. I watch live theater but not television. I like cloudy weather and wind. I am selective about what organizations I join.

I love to travel, have spent time in most US states and many nations, and have a friend in each one. Though I wander, I spend most of my time in Silicon Valley.

I enjoy trying new languages, but I know only one fluently. Lately, I am studying Mandarin and reading traditional Chinese characters. I enjoy limericks, wordplay, thoughtful sayings, and general trivia. I like studying maps and have a good sense of direction. I drive a stick shift and can back up a trailer.

If your name is Probell, please let me know, especially if you are interested in having an email address ending in @probell.com. Otherwise, just enjoy this site.


Here is a list of some things that I have written. You can also search for me on Google Scholar and Google Patents.

Good luck